The Wondering Translator really is nothing more than a tongue-in-cheek play on words.  When first the idea was shared with other people there were many who felt the need to correct the spelling of “wonder” or how found the name to be be somewhat cheap and unoriginal.  While this all may be true, there is a point where each person has to decide what goes into the daily budget of concern.  The following video gives a guide on how to budget one’s concern in everyday life.

For many people the world over there is a sense of contentment.  However, even in that contentment, simultaneously there is space for discontentment. This is purely human as is the the sheer and utter unhappiness with life that others feel.

What is there that anyone one can do?  The answer is different for every person.  For the Wondering Translator, there was too much “giving a F***” about things that did not matter, at least in his estimation.  He had gotten into the habit of following a dream that society told him to follow.

Why not figure out how to make it work in a different way?  No more Taco Tuesdays, Happy Hours of frozen alcoholic beverages, and weekends and evenings hanging out with boring people doing boring things and reading self-help books trying to figure out how to be happy.

So, the Wondering Translator is also a wandering translator.  The title of the blog was not a mistake, though many have made it a point in their life to let me know that they have notice a spelling error.  Unfortunately, this was not in my f*** budget at any point that it has been brought to my attention. However, I do hope that commenting and collaboration do occur and find their way into that spirit. Criticism is the cheapest of anything, free to find, and not remotely useful unless in such a spirit.

The only think left for any of us to do is enjoy life, and have fun, connect with people, be kind, and not care to much about what doesn’t matter, then find something on which to focus energy that helps us to grow and live this life.  We’ll see how it goes, it’ll probably be just fine.