Scummy Business and Greedy Wannabe Patricians

Without a doubt, there is always something to learn. To me, it seems that as much as I believe I know, there is a persistent need to learn something new.  Circumstances change, paradigms shift, and I have the foolish desire to become well versed in something, to a degree where there is nothing else that … Continue reading Scummy Business and Greedy Wannabe Patricians

Thanks a Heap, Pinochet.

"You know, Justin," the Chilean began during one of our regularly scheduled calls for a one-on-one meeting. "You are only competent at your job and I just don't know where this behavior of yours is coming from and why you are being insubordinate." "I'm sorry, what?" was all I could say as I was perplexed, … Continue reading Thanks a Heap, Pinochet.

The Devil Inside And The Devil Who Holds

  While translating a clinical survey the other day (on the subject of schizophrenic hallucinations and delusions) and I learned that, evidently, in the German language the devil would sit inside a person, at least, grammatically.  The word for "possession" in this sense is Besessenheit - and the verb is besessen, which is also a form of … Continue reading The Devil Inside And The Devil Who Holds

Wander and Wonder

For the most part, I failed at being a corporate employee.  There was no overwhelming success for me, no raises in 10 years, and I found myself relegated to a specific identity by many of the middle management viceroys whose heads and hearts are swelled with the bit of power they have been delegated.